Saturday, 17 March 2018

Next Trip Planning - North Queensland - April/May 2018

We have started to plan our next trip away, hoping to leave on Tuesday 3 April, after the Easter madness. We expect to be away for about two months or so. Planning is in the early stages at the moment, but we will be going to Airlie Beach, Mission Beach, Port Douglas and the Atherton Tablelands.

We did Outback Queensland and the Gulf on our 2017 trip, but on arrival at the Atherton Tablelands, we found out we had been ripped off and our bank account had been emptied, so we tended to rush home and skimped on the rest of our trip down the coast. We are not going to be in any hurry this time and we'll see what we want to see and take as long as we want. We hope to get home early June as it starts to get too busy up north with the annual exodus of winter escapees from the southern states. We will try to use free camp areas and showgrounds and stay away from caravan parks as much as possible, but of course there are many places where a caravan park stay will be unavoidable.

Once we hit the road I'll try to update this blog as often as I can, but it will depend on the availability of mobile signal and access to the Internet. We look forward to sharing our trip with you after Easter.

A new feature I am adding is a link to Google Maps to show where we are at the time of each post. Where you see this link "We are here" you can click on it to see our location.

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